Welcome to the City of Fort Wayne's Interactive GIS website.
This site allows citizens to access public data such as council districts, zoning, trash/recycling pickup, parks, etc.
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The City of Fort Wayne, Indiana has created this interactive map page in an attempt to increase the availability of public information and enhance public knowledge. The City is continually collecting, maintaining and updating data. Information for the map themes was obtained from existing, and many times historical documentation. Because of this, the information displayed on this site is not guaranteed to be completely accurate or all inclusive. The City of Fort Wayne retains the right to change the content of this website without prior notice.

The City of Fort Wayne assumes no liability for any actions or occurrences that may result from persons viewing the information contained on this site. This site is not meant to take the place of any existing guidelines, rules, regulations or legal procedures. No information displayed on this site should be used in place of legal documentation. Field investigations are still necessary for locating underground facilities, and contact with appropriate departmental staff is still required for determining location-based fees/designations. (See the i buttons in the map legend next to the map theme names to find contact information.)

By clicking I Accept, the user agrees to acknowledge the fact that the information provided on this site is not guaranteed to be accurate, complete or current. The user also agrees that they shall not hold the City liable for any damages or losses of any kind that might arise from the use of, misuse of, or misinterpretation of the information contained on this site.